KSL Capital Partners


KSL Capital Partners, LLC is a U.S. private equity firm dedicated to investments in travel and leisure businesses.

Our investment philosophy focuses on creating value through improving operational performance for our private equity funds, rather than through financial engineering. We focus on acquisitions of complex, operationally intensive businesses and strive to unlock "hidden value" by re-envisioning and repositioning these enterprises through targeted capital expenditures, operational efficiencies and enhanced marketing strategies.

KSL Capital Partners works to execute a business plan that is collaboratively formulated with the portfolio company's management team. Our goal is to first organically increase cash flow, while strategically looking at growth opportunities through development, ancillary revenue and add-on acquisitions.

We employ a hands-on method of managing and improving our investments, including our capability to supervise and perform in-house key operational functions of our businesses, such as operations, finance and development in order to supplement management’s existing resources. Working with each management team, our strategy involves four-critical elements: (i) expanding each enterprise by enhancing the existing revenue base; (ii) creating new business opportunities; (iii) improving operating efficiencies; and (iv) optimizing the value of associated real estate.

Our private equity investments range across travel and leisure businesses, such as hotels and resorts, clubs, fitness, ski and resort real estate.  In addition, we employ a similar focus with credit investments utilizing a dedicated credit fund that targets mezzanine investments in travel and leisure businesses.

With offices in Denver, Connecticut and London, we currently employ through our portfolio companies approximately 20,000 people throughout the United States and abroad.


Monarch Beach Resort
Dana Point, California